Tuesday, December 30, 2008

How Important Are Car Sound Systems When Purchasing a New Car?

How Important Are Car Sound Systems When Purchasing a New Car?
By [http://ezinearticles.com/?expert=Trevor_Kassulke]Trevor Kassulke

When thinking about the stereo in my car, I do not think about much. Mostly, I think about turning it on and listening to music. However, that has changed since we started looking forward to purchasing a new car. My husband took the time to ask questions about the car sound systems that were available, so we can choose the right one.

I have learned so much about these from my husband. For him, finding the right sound system is very important. He wants to have one that is not only going to sound nice but is going to be nice. That is why he asks so many different questions when we are looking forward to purchasing a new car.

For me what is important is that the car stereo cassette is in the stereo, but he would rather have a CD player and a DVD player as part of the sound system. Making sure that we can listen to CD's and cassettes when we are traveling is indispensable to us.

With our last car purchase, we negotiated to have a new sound system installed. We were seeking many different car installation accessories that would work with our I-Phones. We also wanted to have cables to be able to hook up different accessories. Choosing all of the different accessories was the fun part of purchasing the car.

We knew that we wanted to have the accessories that were within easy reach because we travel a lot. We need to have our car sound system to have the ability for us to listen to different types of music that we have downloaded. We also listen to different audio books that we have stored on our I-Pod so having the cables accessible is important.

He was also looking to have car stereo amplifiers put into the car. He loves his amplifier that he has now and is searching for another amplifier to have in the car. We talked to the sales man about the options for the different amplifiers, so that we could choose one that we wanted.

With all of the different car sound systems that are available today it is important to keep in mind what you need. You also need to consider all of the accessories that you want and would make traveling easier. I know for us, we not only travel for business, but we also travel to visit family. Having a sound system that is easy to use is important because it makes traveling much easier.

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Car Sound Systems

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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Why You Should Buy a Kenwood VRS6100 Home Theater System

Why You Should Buy a Kenwood VRS6100 Home Theater System
By [http://ezinearticles.com/?expert=Byran_Kempa]Byran Kempa

Kenwood VRS6100 home theater equipment helps people enjoy staying at home and watching their favorite movie, television program or sporting event. Home theater equipment has become more popular in recent years as people began to invest more in home entertainment.

Kenwood home theater equipment is among the most popular because of its attractive features and pricing. People appreciate the ability to have a quality theater system without having to take a second mortgage on the house to buy it. Kenwood is a leader in providing affordable and functional equipment like the VRS6100 and their entire line of equipment.

Many consumers look for components, parts and information on the Kenwood VRS6100 and other equipment made by Kenwood and other leading manufacturers. The best resource for information on buying, repairing or replacing accessories or components for your theater equipment is the Internet and websites like this one.

You can get many years of enjoyment out of your equipment as long as you maintain it properly and care for it. All systems come with easy care instructions to help you keep your system in tip-top shape. The system may need some occasional repairs, or perhaps a replacement part or two to keep it functioning in perfect condition, however, even those small repairs are worth it when you consider the enjoyment you receive from your home theater equipment.

Kenwood is a name in the industry that has become synonymous with quality and, therefore, consumers looking for a high quality and affordable home theater look to Kenwood, including the Kenwood VRS6100 and the complete line of components and systems made by Kenwood. The ease of installation and maintenance of the their theater systems make Kenwood a great choice for the serious and the casual home theater enthusiast alike.

When it comes time to invest in the right equipment, Kenwood should be at or near the top of your list of equipment to choose from. There are few manufacturers that have as complete a line of equipment as Kenwood. The VRS6100 and all of the components and systems made by Kenwood can provide you with countless hours of entertainment in your own home.

With DVDs sent in the mail, and a great home theater why would you ever leave your home to watch a movie again? Enjoy a great experience when you buy a great system from Kenwood.

Byran Kempka for [http://www.hometheater-information.com]Home Theater Information - a resource site providing you with information on home theater systems such as the [http://www.hometheater-information.com/kenwood_vrs-6100_home_theater_system.html]Kenwood VRS 6100.

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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Home Theater Systems

Home Theater Systems
By [http://ezinearticles.com/?expert=Peter_Emerson]Peter Emerson

The home theater systems are systems that can give you a real theater experience, not like home theater systems in the past that consisted only of a regular television, a VCR, and stereo sound. This basic system eventually evolved to include surround sound; and more than one stereo speaker connected to your video components was considered a home theater system.

Unlike the systems of the past, today, in order to have your entertainment system be considered a home theater system, you must have a higher quality set of components of video and audio providers.

Components of the Home Theater System

The home theater system begins with having a large, high-quality, generally big-screen television?possibly a video projector. Also, the video equipment that people generally use in their home theater systems is often HDTV capable.

The preferred movie source used in these types of systems is usually the high-quality format, such as DVD or laserdisc. The old setup of the older home theater systems typically only used stereo VHS formats, while some used hard disc-based systems.

The sound systems of home theater systems are usually high-quality surround sound systems. At least four speakers, perhaps more, are generally used by most people. Having a high-quality, crisp sound in your system is a necessity to have a good theater experience in your home.

The last, and equally as important, aspect of a home theater system is the seating. Having comfortable seats in your theater room will greatly enhance you viewing experience. Regardless of how sophisticated your electronic systems are in your theater, if you do not have comfortable seating you will not enjoy your home-viewing experience.


Home theater systems can be a very expensive investment. The average, complete home theater system can cost you up to $20,000, with higher-quality products costing more, perhaps up to $10,000 more than the average equipment. [http://www.i-HomeTheaters.com]Home Theaters provides detailed information on Home Theaters, Home Theater Systems, Home Theater Projectors, Home Theater Speakers and more. Home Theaters is affiliated with [http://www.z-HDTV.com]HDTV Antennas.

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Thursday, December 18, 2008

HD TV Tuners

HD TV Tuners
By [http://ezinearticles.com/?expert=Jeff_Thompkins]Jeff Thompkins

High Definition TV is the newest revolution in technology for the television world. With double the resolution, there is an incredibly crisp picture on the screen, more people are converting to HDTV daily. HD TV Tuners (also described as a decoder, receiver or set-top box ) are an accessory you will need to view your HD TV Screen. This is due in part to the fact that HD TV is not a standard TV with the tuner built in to the set and a different type of signal coming into the TV; and that means that the TV must be able to properly translate the signal. HD TV Tuners take care of the translation for the TV and thereby make the screen display the picture in true high definition.

The concept of HD TV has become common knowledge as the announcement of all television stations switching to the format was made. This means that everyone will need to have HD TV Tuners in order to properly view the broadcasts from the television stations. HD TV Tuners are acquirable anywhere that HD TV sets and equipment is sold. The first place you should try to locate a tuner is in the electronic specialty stores that offer the HDTV sets. Make sure the tuner is compatible so that there is problem with the HD Tuner with the specific model of TV you have. The problem comes in with the way that the signal is received and whether or not the tuner can modify the way the signal inputs to the TV. This is not possible with most of the televisions that were made years ago. Ask the person that is selling the HD TV Tuner to you to verify that tuner will function with the model of HDTV you have.

There is nothing more frustrating then getting home to set up your new HDTV and discovering you don't have the correct accessories you need to view it.

To search online, try sites like http://hdtv-101.info/sitemap.htm to locate information and sources.

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Monday, December 15, 2008

Stereo Systems

Stereo Systems
By [http://ezinearticles.com/?expert=Ken_Marlborough]Ken Marlborough

Stereo systems are electronic devices designed to reproduce high quality sound on speakers. Stereo systems can be as small as a personal CD player, or as large as a night club system. Nowadays, using a stereo system is the latest to amplify your taste in music quality, as well as jazz up the aura of your domicile. However, before deciding to buy a stereo, it is recommended that you give consideration to the specific things that you want.

Stereo systems offer an all-in-one music package composed of stereo speakers, CD player, equalizer, amplifier and a receiver. Picking out the type of system you desire depends solely on your preference and on the type of room where it will be stationed.

Generally, there are three aspects you need to consider when shopping for stereo systems: the sound capturing quality, appearance and affordability. The size and appearance of the stereo is important, because its appearance can greatly affect overall sound quality. Affordability is another factor that you should take into account. Most quality systems are expensive, so you need to take the time to make sure that you are buying the right system to fully enjoy the money you risked.

Furthermore, reading reviews posted in audio magazines and on the Internet will be very helpful in choosing the best stereo systems. You can compare the prices of the stereos available. You can also go to a consumer electronics warehouse, if you are looking for a bargain. However, if you need a high-end stereo then you should visit any specialty audio shops. [http://www.WetPluto.com/Stereo-Speakers.html]Stereos provides detailed information on Stereos, Car Stereos, Stereo Speakers, Stereo Systems and more. Stereos is affiliated with [http://www.WetPluto.com/Digital-Video-Recorders.html]Digital Video Recorders.

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Mini DV Decks

Mini DV Decks
By [http://ezinearticles.com/?expert=Kristy_Annely]Kristy Annely

Mini DV decks are generally meant for the high end user. These decks have may functions and features, all available in a single device. Some Mini DV decks are meant for home use while others are restricted to offices, educational institutions, and presentation halls.

Mini DV decks are mostly player-recorders, with most of them having editing facilities. The main problem with use of decks is their size. Because of their bulk, they are not portable and cannot be carried on outdoor locations.

The Panasonic AGDV 2500 recorder player is meant only for office or educational/ business institution use. It is more compact than other recorder decks with similar features, weighing around 5 pounds. It records in DVPRO as well as Mini DV format, and can play DVCAM. It comes with a built in microphone and remote control.

JVC’s S and B series are also very popular when it comes to Mini DV decks. The models in the series are named in multiple of 3, for example, the SR VS 3 U, the SR VS 30 U, the SR VS 300 U. The newer the model, the higher the number. JVC’s Mini DV decks have many features in different combinations. The DVS 3 U, for example, has a two way format system, which allows Mini DV as well as S-VHS format recording. Additionally, DVCAM cassettes can be also played. It comes with a remote control and VHS stereo. JVC’s SR VS 30 U, on the other hand, allows editing and Mini DV-to-VHS conversion features, apart from dual format recording. It costs around $2000 and is good for professional video making.

Mini DV decks can be quite expensive, since they come with a variety of features. The most economical Mini DV deck can set you back by $2000. However, for those who need professional recording and playback qualities, editing of pictures and sounds and conversion of recording formats on a regular basis, purchasing a Mini DV deck is a good option. [http://www.e-minidv.com]Mini DV provides detailed information about mini DVs, mini DV camcorders, mini DV conversion and more. Mini DV is affiliated with [http://www.e-dvdr.com]DVD R Duplication.

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Thursday, December 4, 2008

An Introduction to DJ Equipment

An Introduction to DJ Equipment
By [http://ezinearticles.com/?expert=Adam_Miles]Adam Miles

Historically, a DJ setup has consisted of two turntables, a mixer and some speakers. But today, thanks to new technological innovations, DJs can choose from a selection of different means of playing their music. They can use turntables, CD turntables, computer software or any combination therein. Each of these categories are described more in detail in their own sections.

Turntables - While these might look like those things your parents played records on, the similarities end there. DJ turntables offer several features not found on a regular turntable. The most important of these is the ability to increase or decrease the speed that the record is moving. This lets you match the tempo of two songs so that you can blend them together.

CD Turntables - These are CD players that play regular CDs. However, they also allow you to change the tempo of a song so that you can mix it into another. Many DJs today prefer this type of turntable because it allows them to use CDs rather than vinyl.

Computer Software - Some DJs have moved beyond turntables and solely use software to mix their music. This is still a new area of DJing and lots of the older DJs look down on people who use this method. However, many of the famous DJs are now solely performing with software such as Ableton Live.

Mixer - A mixer has at least two audio channels which will be connected to whatever you are using to play your music. This allows you to control the volume of each song. The mixer also has a fader which allows you to fade from one song to the other. A DJ further controls the music by using a Mixer's EQ. An EQ can increase or decrease certain frequencies of a song; its treble, mids or bass. A DJ can make a mix sound very smooth with proper adjustment of these levels.

Headphones - All DJs need a good pair of professional headphones. Those old walkman headphones are not going to cut it - the professional models pack increased volume and the sound separation you will need to follow a mix. DJs use headphones to listen to their mix on a separate channel of the mixer that is not playing over the speakers; this allows them to get their mix sounding good before the crowd hears it.

Cartridges (aka Needles) - If you are using turntables, you will need these. They attach to the tone arm of the turntable and slip into the groove of the vinyl records. They are what translate the vinyl into sound. If you are using needles that are too old and worn out then you will damage your records and the sound will be horrible.

Digital DJing - This is a new area of DJing that has been catching on like wildfire. Just about every club and touring DJ today is using some digital DJing tool. Unlike software only techniques, there is no stigma attached to this category. This is because the digital DJing devices hook your computer up to whatever type of turntable you are using. It merges both the old school with the new. For example, Serato's Scratch Live is a hardware device that you plug both your turntable and laptop into. It then can map an mp3 from your laptop onto your turntable, allowing you to manipulate the mp3 in real time just like you would a vinyl record or CD.

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Adam Miles has been DJing for over a decade and is interested in helping others learn more about becoming a DJ. Come stop by his website at http://www.djauctions.net to read more in-depth tutorials, equipment reviews and to ask questions in the forum.

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