Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Korg CA 30 Tuner

Korg CA 30 Tuner
By []John Kain

The Korg CA 30 tuner is one of the most common, most popular, and best tuners on the market. It has many features for such a small, portable tuner and can be used with virtually any instrument. I've used it on the electric guitar and bass guitar and it works fine. You can use it by plugging a cord directly into the device or just put it close to your instrument and tune that way. Either way works fine as long as the room you're in is quite enough to tune.

This tuner is fairly precise. It tunes very closely and is very easy to read, so you can easily tell if you've tunned correctly or not. One great thing is that it's so portable. You can easily carry it in your pocket, your instruments case, or anywhere you'd like. This is truly a very portable device that you can sue anywhere and everywhere you'd like.

You can easily get up to or more than 100 hours of battery life from this tuner and it's battery because the Korg CA 30 tuner has built-in features like automatically shutting off after so ling if it isn't in use.

In the end, the []korg chromatic tuner ca 30 is one of the most reputable, most portable, and most easy to use tuners on the market. This guitar tuner is also great because of its price - it costs just around $20, which is a fantastic price for an item that can deliver as well as this Korg tuner can.

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