Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sony LBT-ZX80D Mini Hi-Fi System

Sony LBT-ZX80D Mini Hi-Fi System

Looking for a powerful hifi or stereo system that you dont want to take up too much space than the sony LBT-ZX80D mini hi-fi system might just be the hi-fi for you. This masterpiece of sound system engineering is sleek and compact yet delivers an impressive 880 watts of power that will make the ground shudder and satisfy even the most seasoned of hi-fi enthusiasts. The dolby digital, prologic II features ensure a clear,crisp sound that you would expect from sony. In addition to the qualities of compactness, sound quality and power the sony LBT-ZX80D has many other desirable features.

Technical features of this Hi-Fi include:

*880 watts of total power
*Dvd, divxdvd, cd player with cd-r/rw mp3 playback
*Dolby digital, Prologic II, and dts decoding
*Karoake mode
*Power illuminator and d-light synch

So you have probably noticed amongst the impressive array of features that this hi-fi system has a karaoke feature which will enable anybody to show off their singing ability(or lack of) to bemused house guests. the dvd, divxdvd, cd player with cd-rw mp3 playback means you will have no shortage of options for your source of music. All of these features combined and the fact that it does'nt swallow up half your living room make this a very wise choice of purchase and I therefore give this hi-fi system my full endorsement and would strongly recommend it to anyone considering a new hi-fi system.

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