Friday, April 10, 2009

The Sony MHCEC98Pi Mini Hi-Fi Shelf System

The Sony MHCEC98Pi Mini Hi-Fi Shelf System
By []Tim Pecunia

The Sony MHCEC98Pi Mini Hi-Fi system turned out to be one of the best gadgets that I've bought this year. Yes, I did find it a little bit expensive side, but I still didn't mind spending my hard earned bucks on it at all. Not only does it look good, the quality of its audio playback would impress and surprise even the most jaded Hi-Fi system veteran and audiophiles. Although I found it to be a little bulky in size and design, surprisingly, it turned out to be quite light and easy to handle. The bass effect produced from this machine was very satisfying. The best part was that I did not even have to use the separate sub-woofer to get the heavy bass effect that I usually prefer.

What I also loved about it was that there was hardly any distortion to be detected even when the volume was cranked up. They have now also included a iPod mode in the Sony MHC-EC98Pi Mini Hi-Fi shelf system where you can play music direct from your iPod. The 530 watts are enough to blast any room with top quality audio. The machine produces top-notch audio quality even when it is on radio mode. It comes with a digital media port and its audio is powered by a sizable 530-Watts RMS.

The Sony system has a digital media port accessory and also includes a remote control with a proper iPod menu list. It comes in four separate pieces and also includes a separate sub-woofer. The EQ is preset and cannot be controlled manually.

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