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What Can You Do With Home Theater Room?

What Can You Do With Home Theater Room?
by Ronald

A home theater room shouldn't be set up as you normally would lay out a average den, it requires its own unique agenda if you hope to get that magical experience from each surround sound phenomenon you view and hear on your TV screen. Did you know that there are a handful of straight forward things you can do tonight to make the most of the audio and video of of your TV shows you are watching? The more of these that you can start right now... the bigger the superiority of the sound and picture of your existing system.

Number one: Set your room up as close as possible to the way a movie house is laid out. What do I mean? If you recall, all movie seats point toward the projector screen. There are no caddy corner or angled seats in a movie theater, are there? Have you thought about to reorganize your sofas and recliners to give you a perfect view of the TV?

Number two: Do not put your speakers on the floor! Did you know that the floor and carpeting will silence the quality of sound from your speakers. You would not believe how many people still leave their speakers on the floors! What can you do instead? Use speaker brackets or stick them on a bookshelf. In a perfect environment the speakers should be located just a few feet over your head. Just using this one suggestion will make a large difference.

Number Three: Your goal is to keep your front left and right satellites proportionally arranged on either side of your plasma TV. The center channel speakers should be placed either above or below your plasma. What about the rear speakers? The rear channel speakers should always be placed in the rear of your comfy chairs whether on the walls or in the ceiling. Do you have hard wood floors? Carpeting will add to the quality of your sound as well.

Number 4: Lighting. Think about this, the more light in the room... the more your video quality will be effected. Would you be interested in some ideas to combat this? You must be able to control the interior and the exterior lighting of the room. So first shut off all lights during your movie watching. Some remote controls can even close the lights automatically when the movie begins. Can you imagine that!

What can you do with exterior sunlight? Tyr using room darkening shades or heavy curtains that can be used to be closed over the windows while watching your favorite movie. If you do nothing else remember this... the darker your room the better. Some families even keep a flashlight handy to use for the bathroom breaks!

I told you that you don't have to spend any money to get a better experience from your current surround sound set up.

Why not try some of these home theater room suggestions the next time your family sits down to watch a movie? I believe you will notice a amazing difference in your home theater experience.

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